Alibaba JStorm is an enterprise fast and stable streaming process engine.


Run program up to 4x faster than Apache Storm. It is easy to switch from record mode to mini-batch mode.

JStorm Performance

Enterprise Exactly-Once

The Enterprise Exactly-once Framework has been used to in tons of application, especially in some critical billing system such as Cainiao, Alimama, Aliexpress and so on. it has been approved as stable and correct. What’s more, the performance is better than the old “At-least-once through acker”


JStorm Ecosystem

JStorm is not only a streaming process engine. It means one solution for real time requirement, whole realtime ecosystem.

JStorm Ecosystem

Ease of Use

Contain the Apache Storm API, application is easy to migrate from Apache Storm to JStorm. Most of application basing Apache Storm 0.9.5 can directly run on JStorm 2.1.1 without recompile the code.

Getting Started

Download the latest stable release and run JStorm on your machine, cluster, or cloud:

The documentation contains a setup guide for all deployment options.

The programming guide contains all information to get you started with writing and testing your JStorm programs.

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