JStorm WebUI Deploy

Install JStorm Web UI

Note: Web UI can run on the node different from the Nimbus node (on any machine that can connect the cluster nodes)

Download tomcat 7.x (take apache-tomcat-7.0.37 as an example)

mkdir ~/.jstorm 
cp -f $JSTORM_HOME/conf/storm.yaml ~/.jstorm
tar -xzf apache-tomcat-7.0.37.tar.gz
cd apache-tomcat-7.0.37
cd webapps
cp $JSTORM_HOME/jstorm-ui-2.1.1.war ./
mv ROOT ROOT.old
ln -s jstorm-ui-2.1.1 ROOT
cd ../bin

Add a new cluster

Edit ~/.jstorm/storm.yaml on the machine where Web UI running, here is the example:

# UI MultiCluster
# Following is an example of multicluster UI configuration
     - {
         name: "jstorm.share",
         zkRoot: "/jstorm",
             [ "zk.test1.com", "zk.test2.com", "zk.test3.com"],
         zkPort: 2181,
     - {
         name: "jstorm.bu1",
         zkRoot: "/jstorm.dw",
             [ "", "", ""],
         zkPort: 2181,

Please note - { name: "jstorm.bu1", --- The name of cluster must be unique zkRoot: "/jstorm.dw", --- The root ZK node of the cluster, please refer "storm.zookeeper.root" in $JSTORM_HOME/con/storm.yaml zkServers: [ "", "", ""], zkPort: 2181, }